Basic Japanese swords size algorithm

Basic Japanese knife dimension algorithm for X ‘ X”, is the foot to the conversion method of CM divided by 30.3, for example, now my knife life 69.2 converted into small Japan was calculated as two feet two inches the decimal binary words is 2 feet three inches.

Business Japanese swords commonly used words

Yuan: the location of the sword blade width width

The first picture: cross hand position of the width of the cutter

Yuan: the position of the heavy katana knife thickness

First: the hand position of the knife thickness

Blade length: is the length of the straight knife to tip

Height: knife back put back, ( a ) to leave the plane of maximum size

At the same time, the size of the location called the” reset”. ( back to general” waist back ” and ” bird back .” )

Japanese sword form called ” type of attitude”, generally referred to as” Dao”, in Japan called” body with”.

” Body with ” is from the” Yuan” heavy” first”,” Yuan amplitude .” ” first picture”,” high return” reset” decision

Main is a five size, a position.

Japanese sword body length

In general there are defined for beginners to body length for the right hand katana natural droop, point not to touch the ground as the principle. Avoid scraping to the mouth of the sheath knife sword when damage. However, in the familiar sheath primer to the fundamental action in action, do not deformation, can try a little bit longer blade. Forcing yourself to make more exact sheath guiding actions, in order to progress. In 160 cm height is concerned, if the action really, can even use 2. 4 feet straight knife blade length, not pull it out of the question. The recommendations of the first contact with someone from a point short of the 2. 3 feet of the sword blade to build confidence, then step by step until the limits of their own. Don’t want to take the same knife from the practice to the tail, up to twice the result with half the effort.

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The Tang knife blade


General in the Tang swords blade method to split, cut, volatile, thorn, belt, and other Japanese sword way:


In 1, splitting and straight wedge and wedge, straight wedge is vertically split from head to foot,wedge is at a 45 degree angle from left to right splitting or cleaving from right to left.


2, cut before hand as the axis, with a large arm drives the small arm, the right and the left hand with a knife down, straight down, not by much.


3, brandish is divided into left and right swing swing swing, left by his left from the bottom to the top, right from the right to the left is composed of from bottom to top katana , are at a 45 degree angle.


In 4, thorn is divided into and oblique insertion.


5, is actually the barrier, but not the head block.


The above is the hand sword  use rules, but remember to safety first, do not place in people to use, so as not to hurt innocent people were asked to “drink coffee”.

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Wooden weapons material analysis

Different circumstances should be the choice of different materials and different weapons to deal with. The following recommendations and detailing various types of wood and their characteristics :

Japan Bai Mu ( Shiro Kashi ( Japanese White Oak)

Japanese martial arts sword masters that Bai Mu actually refers to the Japanese production of white oak, its internal structure is tight, with radial texture properties and generally North American white oak are similar. Young trees showed bone white or pale brown, with the growth of age, wood color would be deepened gradually. Japanese production of Bai Mu and North American white oak some not too, Japan Bai Mu is a perennial growing season long green plants, unlike the North American red oak or white oak, interior without obvious ring hole material; if the wood inside the existence of such open hole subjected to impact, the wood will right itself hardness produced harm, Nissan Bai Mu than North white oak but also good, no ring cavity defects, and sag resistance, impact strength than North white oak but also good.

However, Nissan Bai Mu as wooden weapons have two disadvantages, a wood itself is not stable degree is higher, it is very easy for atmospheric humidity change and deformation; second, as time grows, the weapon itself strength will be reduced, which is all the oak common defect. During the testing, the older Bai Mumu is difficult to maintain the original line, and the appearance of dry, easy generation of empty, in the mutual impact experiments also younger wood chip easily.

Obviously, Bai Mu is a good quality wood, as a samurai exercise can keep several years of excellent characteristics, but wood also has a lifetime limit.

( Note: Kong Cai Ring porous wood, ring, in cross section spring material tube hole is summerwood big, difference is apparent, in the spring of wood formed part of obvious hole ring )

William ash ( ash White Ash)

Ash family best known for the ash tree wood, wood weight and strength, and is often used in bat, tools wooden handle, paddle apparatus. Ash tree with high stability and famous. Its North American production than other hardwoods but not distorted and deformed.

Ash tree belongs to the ring hole of hardwood, ash can be classified as hard ( Northern Hard) and soft ( Southern Soft or Swamp Ash) of the two. Hard wax wood is very hard and heavy, color is cream in color, it is the heart part is relatively soft, pink or brown color, the porosity is larger, has direct impact will not produce the dent, which would lead to this part of the wood direct fragmentation, therefore not suitable to be as directly impact with weapons, such as swords, but on the contrary, the ring Kong Cai produced by the material properties, let the wood itself is continuous, the spear and the major axis portion of the razor is one of the best materials.

John Birch ( Birch)

Birch is fairly heavy and high hardness. It is similar in appearance and maple, flat, texture is firm and with equiaxed crystal structure. White birch refers to the birch bark and heartwood and sapwood between white and red birch refers to the same tree in the heartwood. Birch stands in mid-latitude forest region, and is an important commercial hardwood. Birch can bear high impact characteristics, therefore very suitable for rod, bar, razors and other weapons. But its disadvantage is that under the strong impact, will be left on the surface of wood dent.

In the 1950’s, the United States forest products laboratory development in a high pressure environment, extraction resin and rubber wood (Compreg, a compressed wood impregnated ) process was to birch as main raw material. Until now, the birch is still glued compressed wood is one of the main materials.

High impact grade walnut tree ( Impact Grade Hickory)

Hickory is mainly distributed in Asia, central and North America, the world has at least 16 different varieties; mixed hickory, mainly for furniture and cabinets, throughout the United States in the timber yard is seen everywhere. Due to the lack of appropriate description, here [ high impact grade hickory ] ( Impact Grade Hickory) refers to the Appalachian Mountains of central – a small area produces suitable as a wooden weapons hickory tree species; in addition to wooden weapons, the hickory is also very suitable. Cabinets and other furniture. Here the production of” high impact grade hickory tree” is for the most part bone white or reddish, with high density, texture is firm and with equiaxed crystal structure, surface smoothness and other advantages. It is capable of withstanding impact far exceed those of all locally produced lumber, also more than has been generally used in wooden weapons Japan Bai Mu exotic varieties. A few make Bai Mu seem to be due to age and become brittle, but hickory tree still can retain its hardness and characteristics. Although wood hit surface will still remain the dent, but it is a long time since leaving practice inevitable nature trail. Even long time continuously under high energy impact, the wood itself is still not easily broken. This should be for each road places should choose the best practice of wood, it is safe, enough strength, appearance and daily life or available, just as Japanese martial artist ‘s choice of Bai Mu as a weapon, in American martial artist can consider to use better hickory trees as wooden weapons.

Henry rosewood laminate (LRC, Laminated Rosewood Composite)

Rosewood laminate (LRC of the following abbreviation ) refers to the number of the very thin layer of birch veneer, in under great pressure made of synthetic wood such as rosewood color rendering, looks like a bright black wood itself is very stable, the strength is enough. LRC made weapons have some advantages, its specific gravity of 1.3, because of its high density and high hardness, so that it is suitable to make smaller weapons, in addition, due to the local production of birch can be synthesized, so it can replace those imported from tropical noble hardwood, will not have the problem of the shortage of resources ; in addition, due to wood interior of any small space filled with high pressure filled with the resin, so the interior wood without any moisture influence, therefore no damp warpage problems. When the whole wood after careful making, its surface will appear as a bright and smooth ; the LRC density is high, made of swords can in itself weight ratio and the balance of good presentation, or even made up and waving and true sword has the same feeling. Integral and its excellent physical properties, should be able to say that is closest to the true sword best annotation. However, since the LRC itself is not easy because of impact dent, will make people in LRC itself impact ability higher than natural wood made any false impression, according to the results of the experiments, although the LRC impact bearing ability is far too high for general natural production of timber, but also have high too much ; in addition, because the wood itself, hardness is big and not easy to deformation, therefore, if the wood itself shape with sharp edge ( like the backsword blade), extremely easy to cause impingement, or is dropped into the concrete, wood itself will not form dents caused the cracking. Because the wood itself is a synthesis of the reason, made of wooden weapons, the edge will become very sensitive, the weapon itself is very likely that the impact from the end edge corner near the beginning of destruction, for these reasons, does not recommend the use of LRC as a training weapon, but very suitable to buy them for her alone Suburi exercises, separate move practice, is a self-defense or other special purposes.

The final thing to consider is that not all use the hard and heavy wooden sword as a weapon ; most of the people use for their own habits and experience in the wood for a favorite weapon materials, when the two sides make weapons training, using heavy hard weapons wood party does use to budget oriented choice so wooden arms of another party to make serious equipment damage. In consideration of safety and interest, in the daily practice of both sides should avoid the use of excessive excellent weapons, so as to avoid the opponent’s weapon causing unnecessary harm. This is another opportunity to practice some state of mind, and should not have : my weapon materials better, you put your katana is interrupted and so on mentality.

African Ebony ( African, Ebony )

Almost all of the ebony, including tropical Africa produced ebony, is a very hard and very heavy hardwood, but note that the ebony itself impact strength is not itself be appreciate hardness. Includes New Zealand produce Coromandel Ebony ( Coromondel Ebony) and West Africa Gabon Ebony ( Gabon Ebony), ebony and their color is black in color, and occasionally with grey stripes, and the top of the piano black keys used by Kuroki (Blackwood ) of similar nature, the ebony itself density, excellent hardness and the ability to support, ebony has been holding a small arms is the perfect choice. But as with most production in tropical, considering the environmental protection and the relationship between the output of the, now should reduce the ebony cut and use, there are many similar or better alternative to wood, smart users should be able to distinguish what is the appropriate choice.

De Honduras rosewood ( Honduras Rosewood)

There are many natural red varieties, most have excellent physical properties, high density, high impact strength and resistance to indentation. Honduras rosewood usually dark reddish brown, with black or purple stripes, it’s beautiful and dazzling stripe structure, behind the color change is amazing. Pieces rosewood is often valuable to the order can not be met, it is usually made of wooden knife, short rods and other short apparatus to made longer swords, wands often weapon, will show very precious. Because red is very precious, is a protected plant, so the author does not recommend the use of practice as a weapon of choice.

Bolivia rosewood ( Pau Ferro, also known as Ironwood )

The United States Southern Ironwood tree ( Pau Ferro), also known as the Bolivia rosewood ( Bolivian Rosewood), it is a rather heavy wood, appearance and Indonesian rosewood were similar, with a beautiful dark brown, with a black stripe. And other tropical produce wood, there are very comfortable and delicate touch, are often made of wood, cane, razor blades and other equipment.

Purple mahogany ( Purpleheart Wood)

Purple heart is now can be found as a weapon the largest and longest timber. Since trees grow very tall, so it is very suitable for use as a gun rod, bar, and other weapons materials. Wood itself very hard wood texture is straight, suitable especially for the development of weapons. The wood is very hard, so those who need elastic or need to bend the long arms may not fit with purple heart wood as material. However, the purple heart wood in some special purposes is a kind of cheap and common good wood.

De Coromandel Ebony ( Coromondel Ebony)

As Meng Jiaxi Ebony ( Macassar Ebony), Coromandel ebony is a kind of nature produces good wood, are often made of wood, sticks and other weapons. Because of excellent properties, wood itself showed a unique and obvious sense. Coromandel ebony itself hard texture, wood and meticulous, difficult processing, therefore expensive ; usually longer than New Zealand Coromandel, so named. The appearance of a significant black, with a brown stripe, also can appear sometimes green or other color spots, can be said to be the most beautiful of all the forest timber.

The more requirements of texture of the practitioners, Coromandel ebony made weapons can be regarded as the best crafts wooden weapons, but due to the lack of production, people should not be unrestricted use of the unique natural resources for practice tool, this kind of wood is used, preferably in order to special circumstances while the retention — maybe someday I can take it as a gift to the dojo on senior normal in use will be better.

, Osage orange wood ( Osage Orange)

The American Southwest Native Osage orange wood, is often the traditional Bowyer using highly in the longbow productions. Wood just sliced is bright yellow, after contacting air slowly turned brown. Wood density itself is not high, also do not have good mechanical property, but excellent flexibility, and not easy to break, can withstand the high impact force when the Osage orange wood used in long weapons, people often wood itself to absorb the shock of the force and was shocked.

White Pine / pine wood

The proportion of Specific Gravity: 0.35

Able to withstand the impact strength of Impact Strength: 86

Wood: African Ebony / African ebony

The proportion of Specific Gravity: 1.10

Able to withstand the impact strength of Impact Strength: 110

Wood: Red Oak / red oak (red Jian )

The proportion of Specific Gravity: 0.63

Able to withstand the impact strength of Impact Strength: 169

Wood: Purpleheart / purple heart

The proportion of Specific Gravity: 0.79

Able to withstand the impact strength of Impact Strength: 173

Wood: Pau Ferro Bolivia rosewood, Ironwood

The proportion of Specific Gravity: 0.73

Able to withstand the impact strength of Impact Strength: 173

Wood: Shiro Kashi / Japanese White Oak) / ( Bai Jian ) is a tough and not easy to break Japanese long practice with the weapons

The proportion of Specific Gravity: 0.82

Able to withstand the impact strength of Impact Strength: 179

Wood: Honduras Rosewood / Honduras rosewood

The proportion of Specific Gravity: 1

Able to withstand the impact strength of Impact Strength: 189

Wood: White Ash / ash ( ash )

The proportion of Specific Gravity: 0.60

Able to withstand the impact strength of Impact Strength: 196

Wood: Birch / white birch

The proportion of Specific Gravity: 0.62

Able to withstand the impact strength of Impact Strength: 196

Wood: KWW Lamin

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Modern kendo hundred pro: sichuan island full male


One, an experience (faithful to basic training). I believe kendo heart and body for exercise to develop excellence humanity and social and all but ancient. But recent kendo, what worries me is slightly toward the katana skills socialist and get bogged down in the tendency of win socialist. To achieve the purpose of the exercise psychosomatic, the most important is the basic education, believe thoroughly established in this basic education can expect tales. Once in the tao hall was received by the many youth, being a after about two years experience and to request I guide youth. I see his practice although very enthusiastic, but the body is too hard and extreme prejudice, see see his basic action is very rude, so the results consult with himself, decided to forget all the past new start.




Then three months, from empty strike days, being hit, or so the basic action cant strike, and then practice repeatedly began wearing a day again pack of the basic action continues to three months repeated training. From six months training started training, and to ban him impact with colleagues game, temporarily and are quite strict training he body touch body, wrestling swords  skills, fully realize the body softness. (now is impossible) about a year later first let him the result of the game, to find his play unlike mortal vigour, two years later, he got a year later and through the opening two sections of everyone socks off this amazing state, this thing now is unforgettable. Later he became navy soldiers by him, and the post-war WuShuJian shedding secrete speak out kendo income by the spirit and health to complete all the blame affairs in the military, has set up a file in the LaoJing again and again by my kendo the attempt of endless taste. No matter what, basic really don’t doubt is the shortest distance reach a purpose.




Second, creed, processing daily, whatever their purpose in glory, should with no show unintentionally, poised, dealing with my affairs.




Third, the words of the heart, heart scored corruptive, sword also is not right.




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Days industry Yun sword


This jian is super famous grass shave swords. The body length two feet of perfect white, seven, eight inches, blade looks like calamus leaves, and the type of Chinese sword is similar, the body is very thick, the adornment of hilt like fish of joints. This jian and eight feet, eight feet QuYu Joan for Japan and the mirror. Legend as the male kill eight shall assist from 1800s the serpent serpent tail, within days found BenZhu god divinesword used ten hold sword is slightly inferior. Serpent’s head eight guhya because there are often cloud cover, so this sword is called industry YunJian (day is your respectful name), and because the hilt can cut grass, so get out of the sword, “” grass pheasants alias. YunJian have physical possession said days, but in the source flat close wartime emperor, Andy, who drowned YunJian days from sank subsequently. Days YunJian from the horror of heritage of the presence of the 1800s the serpent eight, even the gods divinesword used ten hold sword is slightly inferior. Later it became bonobos built pei katana, and one of the three artifact in Japan. Actually this sword is the background of how?




In Japan from the royal family since the mythic age have been rumours that the “three artifact” legends, the great god in heaven as the heavens he approached grant Joan Joan clubbing god’s eight feet mirror, eight feet Joan QuYuHe days YunJian. Heritage Without these artifacts, so new of the emperor ascended will not be admitted that they say is the symbol of kingship.
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The warring states duration dagger technology

Spring and autumn and warring states era, is our country history reached its golden age. Sword But from the spring and autumn period and the warring states period, the shape, the swords has undergone great changes. In short, spring and autumn, the sword sword short length of the warring states period, the long is almost double the number change. During the spring and autumn bronze sword, with high-profile promoted as an example, the GouJian sword hilt 55.7 cm long, long 8.4 centimeters 36. The length of the warring states iron jian is often in 100 centimeters of above. The liberation, hunan hengyang iron jian unearthed chu 14 pieces, one of the most elderly of 140 centimeters. (48) in recent years, in hubei yichang find a handle iron jian, the 120 centimeters, long long 30 centimeters of above. (49) this katana  of example to enumerate. The length of the sword, though the change with the then metal smelting superior technology development and sword of practical significance in the war, but there is increasing the factors of one cannot be ignored, the practical technology also is jian is changed. The spring and autumn period, basically belongs to the dagger, its handle self-defense weapons in commonly 10 centimeters below, no say in a single hand hold. The warring states to han jian but offensive weapons, its handle often in 20 centimeters of above, apparently for his hands handle, or handle without appropriate, but rather long harmful. They also long sword, long sword effect, its main with “strike” to analysis, this sword at least used to chop (hit), only his hands clasped to handle and slashing, give full play to its freedom of power. So, zhuangzi said the article “, when the load, sword, to serve in zhuangzi’s sword  to be fond of swordman identity when ZhaoWang lobbying, fencing, ZhaoWang first ask him: “teacher have yu-jian (or what?” length of rod) Long is a reflection of the warring states of technical eset has Short Sword people’s understanding is very clear, very clearly.
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Fry steel

Fry the pig iron, steel is heated to melt or basic melting furnace, after stir, borrow the oxygen in air contained in the pig iron, steel and get off carbide. This new process, can be in steelmaking of eastern han dynasty last years find indirect describe sword reseatch. The peace ShiErZhong recorded by the “volume 7:” to make work division, let the strike ouzhi stone, which burned smelting iron into water, after make good workmen million is forging of katana , is MoXie (ancient sword into. “)” This passage although did not specify fry steel 2 words, but fry steel process included. Because the iron ore pancha-dhatu liquid, of course, is only pig iron water, and in “is forging” after million before must do ShouTie fry steel or ShouTie is carbon (actually a very low fry steel), otherwise pig iron is not forged to mention “million”. Forging This is a from iron ore pancha-dhatu pig iron water, saute, finally the steel forging into the whole process of high-quality weapons. Fry steel invention, is in the history of a technical steelmaking revolution. In Europe, Fried steel  swords began in the 18th century England , 1,600 years later than China.

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Zhan lugu sword allusions

Zhan filter is a sword, but one eye. Zhan lugu: Zhan Zhan however black also. This full-bodied black unaware of no trace of the swords lets a person feel not sharp, but generous and nice. Like god a gaze abstruse and penetrative black eyes, staring at Kings, fragmented movements. Jun youdao, sword/ katana  in the side, kingdom. Jun nothing, sword fly up and kingdom run-down. Of hardware, English, the sun god, essence from the service, have wei. OuYeZi moulds this sword, not tear falls, because touch sword he finally finished his life’s dream: cast a handful of challengers and without the slightest enemy.the weapon. So-called benevolent invincible. Zhan lugu sword is a sword of ren.

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TianYeYun sword

This sword is super famous grass shave sword . Sword body connect body to white, length two feet seven or eight inches, sword blade look like calamus leaves, and the type of Chinese sword is similar, sword body is very thick, sword hilt decorate like fish joints. This sword and eight feet Joan QuYu, eight feet mirror and for Japanese triple gem. Legend as the male kill death shall assist serpent, eight guhya serpent tail from within the katana, he invented god BenZhu god application of ten days have been holding sword than him. Because eight guhya serpent head often have cloud enveloped, so this handle that sword is called industry cloud sword day is your respectful name) and because this handle drawn sword can cut grass, so get grass pheasants swords “. It is said BieHao cloud sword has real heritage days, but in the source flat close wartime, ender emperor drowned, days from cloud sword then sank to the seabed.
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The sword of blood slot role of design

Blood slot is part of the knife blade, and tip.wonder yours, located in parallel one or more grooves. Ordinary people’s understanding on the knife blood slot is to take a practical bloodletting there are two versions: one kind is knife pierced the body after a sword will due to blood viscosity and tension in dao face occurred negative pressure, and the sword not easily drawn, and opened the blood slot can let external air into the reduce the occurrence of a swords; facilitate negative Another idea is to not affect blade intensity under the condition of body weight. Reduce.

The sword of blood slot in the ridge or knife surface grooves, claims to the sword stab in the human body or body due to the prey after by muscle contraction and clipping blade, forming a vacuum state so that the knife not easily insert. If on the sword do have blood groove, the blood will henceforth outflow of in vitro and destroy the vacuum. But the problem is never have evidence that this a vacuum state will happen, many hunters and ronny turiaf tell me whether use with or without blood slot knife in the drawing out objects when its ease surfactant therapy, and the society news also tell me those holding thin and no blood groove design fruit knife murderers, will not in Pierce victim a sword after it was because of the knife is sucked shelter, but cannot continue to kill the victim. Various facts revealed: as long as you stab to pull into it and that, regardless of whether blood groove.

Since blood slot indifferent to destroy vacuum state role, then someone then said blood slot just tunnel for decoration. This answer only half-right. If the blade length in 24 below, then blood slot may be just decorations, if beyond, so blood slot have actually using the function.

Blood slot functions are: 1. Increase the knife blade intensity: put blood slot make knives have more than one knife ridge (Spine from longitudinal section view, blood slot form as tracks of work, the tectonic fractal structure in 24 above knife long sword speaking is very important to strengthen the structural. 2) reduce weight: early use hammer knife knife knife era, in also.the face dozen top blood slot can reduce the required system knife material, because when hitting on blood slot when face will broaden sword, with no blood slot form compared to save more material, and lose weight. Modern system knife from plate WaChu to make blood slot, although failed to reduce material, but the same weight function. A duly heat treatment and blood slot long sword than those without blood slot on 20-35 % light. Therefore blood slot and indifferent to remove the function of vacuum state, but large sword indispensable strengthening mechanism, because do not have let blood from the function, so now, the American has its renamed recess.

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